Announcing Our Investment in Backtrace


Today we’re excited to announce that Work-Bench is joining Amplify Partners, Rally Ventures, and Tribeca Venture Partners to invest in Backtrace’s $5M Series A.

Global software development costs more than one trillion dollars per year, and errors and bugs are a natural and unavoidable byproduct of writing code. Developers spend 50% of their time debugging software - a hugely inefficient time suck that detracts from an engineer’s time building software. Hundreds of billions of dollars are lost on this effort, and insufficient tools, processes, and data make debugging at scale a hairy challenge. Without a robust debugging platform, it is impossible to identify and map the similarities between errors and their corresponding root cause - a necessity in order to diagnose and fix the core issues.

Backtrace is building the next evolution in error debugging and crash analytics tools. Their product enables organizations to respond to and fix software bugs faster and provides a single platform to capture, aggregate, and analyze error data across systems. High-level dashboards and detailed analysis gives users the data they need to detect, triage, and resolve errors. By integrating error data into the company’s workflow management systems, software teams can now understand why errors happened in the first place, prioritize them based on robust contextual data, and resolve them faster than ever.

Backtrace’s two co-founders, Abel Mathew and Samy Bahra, met at AppNexus and both started as core engineers for the ad serving infrastructure. In those roles, they experienced the problems with debugging first hand and saw an opportunity to address an underserved market. Abel and Samy are taking a unique approach to solving the problem, focusing on consolidating the critical data required for debugging and transforming that data into action. When applications fail, Backtrace captures detailed dumps of the application state, performs automated analysis, and then archives it in a centralized object store. While other companies are focused on metrics and surface-level error data, no one until today has set their scopes on improving the technology which will directly help engineers get directly to the root cause of application crashes and non-fatal errors.

Since we first met the founders through our New York Enterprise Tech Meetup two years ago we’ve had the opportunity to see them build a world-class team in pursuit of their vision, and target both webscale startups and large enterprises alike given that the problem impacts companies of all sizes. With the deep technical expertise of the team and support for languages like C/C++, client-side Javascript and nodeJS, Python, and Go, we’re so excited to participate in the latest fundraise to help Backtrace as it aims to improve how software is built, shipped, and maintained.

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