About Us


Work-Bench is an enterprise VC fund based in NYC.

We are proud enterprise nerds from corporate IT now in VC to truly change the game. We feel grateful everyday to work alongside incredible founders building game-changing technologies for enterprise software.

We know firsthand how much legacy software can be mind-numbingly painful to use, and how much SOC II audits suck. We’ve waited weeks for servers to be provisioned (and many of our friends are still waiting...).

We know what it takes for an early stage startup to navigate the abyss of an IT org at a large global enterprise company, and we want to be your VC partners on the journey.

We work alongside you to build a repeatable sales process, from 2 to 5 to 20 enterprise customers, which is why we spend the majority of our time hustling and building relationships with line of business buyers within the Fortune 1000 right here in our backyard of NYC.

We can be helpful in not only connecting you with the right people at key customer accounts - but we also help prep you with the right context and messaging for meetings, backchannel feedback for you, and help ensure deals get done, so we love to meet companies as early as possible.

Our sweet spot for investing is Series A rounds but we love to get to know companies once they're seed funded, so please reach out.



Workspace in the Heart of NYC

We believe that a community of enterprise startups and technologists can learn, share, collaborate together to grow and accelerate. We offer our a number of enterprise startups the opportunity to work out of our 32K sq ft workspace and community.

In our workspace, we have built a center of gravity for all things enterprise, where we regularly host collaborative events for our founders, technical meetups, VP-level functional breakfasts, and tactical workshops to share knowledge, resources, ideas, and feedback with others who get it.



10 Fun Facts about Work-Bench

  1. Our mantra is that amazing things happen at the intersection of suits and hoodies.

  2. In our first fund we closed more in ACV than we had AUM.

  3. Our team hails from corporate IT and industry analysts which is a unique breed for VC.

  4. We operate a 32,000 sq. ft. home and hub for enterprise tech in Union Square.

  5. We host over 200 events a year.

  6. Corporate engagement is at the heart of our model. We make tons of customer intros before we invest to prove value.

  7. We believe that to be founder first, you need to be community first.

  8. We hustle harder than any other fund out there. Ask any of our founders or their exec teams.

  9. We curate the Enterprise Weekly newsletter which covers top business and technology news, key fundings, and top events we’re hosting. Sign up here.

  10. Everyone on our team gets free HBO - ask us why.



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