Inspired by #MovingForward, Work-Bench has taken the anti-harrassment/discrimination pledge.

One of our biggest priorities is fostering an inclusive professional environment where all are welcomed, respected, and valued. We recognize the necessity of including diverse populations, voices, and perspectives; equal opportunity initiatives are not only the right thing to do, but inclusivity also amplifies overall organizational success in the long run.

Any form of harassment, abuse, or discriminatory behavior from a member of our community is unacceptable and will result in expulsion from the Work-Bench community. Please see our full policy here.

We have a strict zero tolerance policy for those who do not act in accordance with these community priorities and values. Work-Bench actively fights against harassment in all forms and will confidentially investigate and take action against any indications or reports of misconduct.

We enact these values through a variety of initiatives at Work-Bench, such as our #HackTheNetwork mentorship program, our living document master list of CEOs/Founders of enterprise startups (who are women), providing underrepresented groups with comped tickets to the NY Enterprise Tech Meetup, our #womenterprise monthly newsletter series, our Women in Enterprise Interview Series, and with our Navigate: Women in Enterprise Technology Summit. We also leverage our 32K sq ft workspace in heart of New York City to support communities outside of our own, hosting 200+ events a year, including meetups like the United Women in Business, Pomegranate Roundtable, and more; prioritizing speakers and panels that include diverse voices and perspectives.

We recognize that policy alone does not constitute change, and we actively aim to foster a culture and community that mandates diversity across gender, background, and ethnicity. If you have ideas on how we can create a more diverse and inclusive environment here at Work-Bench, we’d love to hear from you.