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Business Value Calculator

When it comes to closing big enterprise deals, oftentimes sales reps talk about the benefits that their software could have on a business without showing the hard numbers. This Business Value Calculator helps sellers demonstrate the ROI of their product versus that of an home-grown tool by creating a business case, detailing how the product will impact the prospect’s business, and why now more than ever is the right time to buy.

Some tips on how to use:  

  • Differentiators: Make sure your value-based selling motion underscores your unique differentiators (define these internally first).
  • Simple Calculations: Don't make it overly complicated — focus on a few key metrics.
  • Current State vs. Future State: Include an analysis of their Current State (i.e. what your prospect will do without your product and how you can improve it).
  • Demonstrate Value: Articulate a business case that can be proved out in a trial or POC (i.e. “You take X hours and Y people, we can decrease by Z% and your net result will be X”).
  • Use It Accordingly: Use the ROI calculator as ammunition as your sales conversations progress (not at your first touchpoint).
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