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Enterprise go-to-market is hard.
We've lived it and we get it.

We’re your go-to Seed investor in the trenches supporting you to close enterprise deals and scale your go-to-market effort with our unmatched New York City hustle.


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From our past lives in corporate IT, we know what it takes to conquer your go-to-market motion, close massive deals, and scale your team for success.


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We’ve built the best and brightest enterprise community, rich with talent and customers from our backyard of fast-growth companies and Fortune 500s.

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From Our Founders

"In the early stages of our journey, Work-Bench was incredibly hands-on with providing customer introductions. Their back channeling and procurement support helped us close our biggest deal ever, a day before our fiscal year end. They’ve also helped with recruiting top talent (I can’t count the number of times the team introduced us to top candidates or jumped into interviews to close candidates) and VC introductions to the best funds in the world for our subsequent rounds. They’re truly a 24/7 built in support team."

Edward Chiu

Co-Founder & CEO of Catalyst

"Work-Bench has been a tremendous value add to our cap table. They have not only influenced my growth as a founder and entrepreneur, but they have also surrounded me with invaluable resources. Joining their NYC enterprise community has connected me with so many tactical players and resources in the industry who have taught me everything from a repeatable sales playbook to creating a demand gen engine to hiring and creating a robust talent pipeline."

April Koh

Co-Founder & CEO of Spring Health

"As a technical founder by background, Work-Bench helped us build and navigate a highly effective go-to-market strategy from the ground up. Through helping us close our incredible VP of Sales to providing mentorship to several leaders on our sales team to making customer introductions which have closed, the Work-Bench team is highly engaged and supportive as we’ve built and scaled our world-class sales organization with dozens of customers under our belt."

Robert Ross

Co-Founder & CEO of FireHydrant 

"Work-Bench introduced us to a Wall Street bank who became our biggest customer to date. Their introduction, relationship management, and support throughout the entire process was critical in closing this trajectory-changing customer."

Adam Wenchel

CEO & Co-Founder of Arthur

"The Work-Bench team assembles EPIC events. The NYC Infrastructure Leader’s Dinner set the high bar of what other funds might hope to achieve in gathering technologists with similar passions in a focused way to share and build common business opportunities. While other events are often BYOC (bring your own customer), Work-Bench events deliver the goods with an outstanding attendee list. Work-Bench is the new level."

Elizabeth Lawler

Co-Founder & CEO of AppMap 

"Work-Bench's Founder Dinners were some of the most influential dinners of my career as an enterprise founder. I still remember leaving these with a note pad full of acronyms I needed to look up: SDR, AE, BDR, ARR, Bookings, % of Bookings, time to ramp - were some from the first dinner I attended. As an engineer, these aspects of building an enterprise startup flew thousands of feet above my head and I couldn't be more thankful for Work-Bench for the learnings. Attend these dinners!"

Tim Delisle

Co-Founder of Datalogue (Acquired by Nike)