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Differentiated Messaging

This differentiated messaging template outlines the key questions Product Marketers need to think through in order to nail down and articulate truly differentiated product messaging.

A few notes on Product Marketing:

  1. It can be hard for many founders to conquer Product Marketing as they are usually too close to the product. It’s up to the Product Marketer to be that balanced lens of the customer and market.
  2. The first Product Marketing hire ideally needs to have some years of experience as they may need to go toe-to-toe with the founder (who may have very strong opinions about how their product should be messaged). 
  3. With that said, most early stage enterprise startups hire a Demand Gen leader before a Product Marketer in order to build a sales pipeline. As a result, a big messaging realignment will often need to happen down the road.

We encourage founders, Product Marketers, but also the entire team to fill out this differentiated messaging template. This exercise will weed out internal messaging inconsistencies and variations (even with teams sub 10 people). The key is to have everyone using the same (and real) language, metrics, and proof points that speak to each individual buyer persona.

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