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Jared Abelowitz

VP of Pipeline Growth



Micah Steiger

Director of Enterprise Sales

Eleanor Dorfman

Head of Sales

Mark Kosoglow

Chief Revenue Officer

Victoria Vassileva

Senior Account Director

Marc Jacbos

Chief Revenue Officer

Brian Trowbridge

VP of Sales

Jeff Yoshimura

Former Chief Marketing Officer

Amy Holtzman

Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Narod

Head of Marketing

Audrey Patenaude

VP of Marketing

Denise Broady

Chief Marketing Officer

Sha Ma

Chief Technology Officer

Jordan Lewis

Senior Director of Engineering

Ian McGraw

Engineering Manager

Suchit Agarwal

Director of Engineering

Aaron Zollman

CISO & VP of Platform Engineering

Stephen Lynch

EVP of Product Development

Andrew Davidson

SVP of Product

Monica Ugwi


Amber Tunnell

Senior Product Manager

Prerna Singh

Former VP of Product

Sanjay Padval

Group Product Manager

Jo Engreitz

Head of Growth

George Chedzhemov

SVP of Client Services

Nondas Virvidakis

VP of Professional Services

Lindsay Kulkin

VP of Global AI Professional Services

Abe Danziger

VP of Customer Success

Avi Aronovitz

Chief Financial Officer

Douglas Hanna

Chief Operating Officer

Michaela Lehr

VP of Finance

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