10 Quick Wins to Grow Pipeline

Jul 3, 2024
10 Quick Wins to Grow Pipeline
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As Seed-stage enterprise software investors, go-to-market is the #1 thing we work with our portfolio – most importantly working with companies on getting to that pivotal first million in ARR and building a repeatable growth strategy. 

But growth is a long-term journey and nothing scales overnight. Crafting a successful growth strategy takes tremendous time to properly research and refine to get right. However, while you’re fine-tuning your approach, it's essential to continue driving business by expanding the top of the funnel and closing the pipeline. 

To tackle the challenge of quickly building top-of-funnel momentum, we hosted an Enterprise Masterclass with Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner at OpenView and author of the popular Growth Unhinged Newsletter. See his top tactics below, but for more context and deeper dive into each: see the full masterclass slides and webinar recording here.

  1. Turn your content into a flywheel
  2. Use LinkedIn right away
  3. Start Your YouTube presence now
  4. Refresh older content
  5. Move past signups/leads as a marketing KPI
  6. Use interactive demos on website
  7. Manually showcasing product results
  8. Sing up/demo request > blurred UI
  9. Pricing: Add a price escalator clause & onboarding fee in enterprise contracts
  10. Pricing: Do a retro analysis on the last pricing change
  11. Bonus! Move From ‘hard gate’ to ‘soft gate’

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