22 NYC Enterprise Seed Startups to Watch in 2022

Jan 13, 2022
22 NYC Enterprise Seed Startups to Watch in 2022
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As enterprise Seed investors here in NYC, we keep a pulse on all of the new founders and startups entering the ecosystem. To highlight the breadth of our local early stage enterprise ecosystem, we started an annual tradition of amplifying top NYC Enterprise Seed Startups to Watch for the coming year (see our past NYC enterprise Seed startups to watch lists from 2021, 2020, and 2019).

From our semi-annual NYC enterprise funding reports, it’s clear NYC enterprise tech continues rocket ship growth with no signs of slowing down. A byproduct is that we now have more great startups to feature than ever before. So in honor of 2022, see below for the top 22 NYC enterprise Seed startups to watch in 2022:

Cloud Native / Developer Tools


AtomicJar is an integration testing solution that facilitates testing across the software development lifecycle. Investors include Boldstart Ventures, Tribe Capital, and others.


Coherence is an integrated development platform that makes it easy for development teams to write and deploy code, while delivering a seamless SDLC experience. Investors include First Round Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners, and RRE Ventures.


Digraph is a developer tool that provides better contextual code intelligence to developers so they can spend more time coding and less time digging for context. Investors include FirstMark Capital.


Graphite is an open-source command line interface and code review tool for developers to create stacked changes to their development workflow, so that they can review their code and ship faster. Investors include Homebrew, BoxGroup, and others.


Knock provides flexible notifications infrastructure for developers so they can implement product notifications across in-app and out-of-app channels. Investors include Afore Capital.


Octane is a usage-based billing infrastructure tool that makes it easy for SaaS businesses to implement a flexible and profitable monetization system. Investors include Basis Set Ventures and Abstraction Capital.


Plural is a unified application deployment tool that enables developers to run and operate production-ready open-source software. Investors include Primary Venture Partners.


Vantage is a cloud cost transparency tool that enables developers to analyze and reduce their AWS costs. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz and Green Bay Ventures.

Data / AI / Machine Learning

Deep Channel*

Deep Channel is building the next generation of tools for the modern data team, creating a single workspace for them to interact with their data warehouses, dbt projects, and notebooks. Investors include Work-Bench, Flybridge Capital Partners, BoxGroup, and others.


Fathom provides a batch record digitization service that simplifies access to bioprocessing data and increases operational efficiency. Investors include Acrew Capital.

Peel Insights

Peel automates Shopify business analytics and creates hyper-segmented reports to help businesses understand their customers. Investors include Accomplice VC, Vinyl Capital, Eniac Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, and others.


Rupert integrates with the analyst workflow and automates work processes in order to remove the operational inefficiencies for business users. Investors include IA Ventures.


Trace provides a unified metrics layer for producers and consumers of data artifacts and establishes consistent metrics governance across data assets. Investors include Amplify Partners and FirstMark Capital.

Risk / Security


Authzed is a managed permissions database that enables developers to store, compute, and validate application permissions. Its API service makes it easy for teams to embed permissions into their applications. Investors include Work-Bench and Amplify Partners.


ThreatKey provides an automated solution for identifying and remediating security bottlenecks in cloud and SaaS applications. Investors include Lytical Ventures, Basecamp Fund, and others.

HR / Future of Work


Avenue is a business‑event monitoring and observability tool that enables operations teams to maintain visibility across their systems. Investors include Accel and others.


Byteboard is a software-based technical interview platform that replaces pre-onsite technical interviews with a project-based alternative that makes it more reliable to gauge a candidate’s software engineering skills. Investors include Cowboy Ventures and others.

Courier Health*

Courier Health is a patient engagement platform that enables life sciences organizations to optimally engage and support patients. Investors include Work-Bench.


Slang is an AI-powered virtual phone agent that helps brands personalize and streamline their phone support. Investors include Wing Venture Capital.


Snackable is an AI-powered content discovery engine that generates meaningful insights from audio-visual content. Investors include Greycroft, Amplify.LA, and others.


Velma is an AI project manager that coordinates product operations across software teams. Investors include Quiet Capital, Sterling Road, and others.


Vendelux is a sales and event marketing tool that enables marketers to identify the highest ROI events to attend and sponsor in order to maximize engagement with customers. Investors are undisclosed.

If you’re building an enterprise software startup yourself, selling to enterprise customers, or thinking about GTM and raising funding for your Seed or Seed II round, please reach out!

Huge thank you to Priyanka Somrah for contributing to this post.

*Work-Bench portfolio company

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