Catalyst Merges with Totango

Feb 28, 2024
Catalyst Merges with Totango
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We’re excited to announce that our portfolio company and the leading customer growth platform Catalyst has merged with a top enterprise customer success software Totango to build a next-generation customer success powerhouse that revolutionizes the post-sales motion!

Nearly 600 organizations like SAP, Github, Schneider Electric, Aircall, Braze, Fivetran, Canva, and others use Totango and Catalyst. By combining the deep customer success expertise and enterprise capabilities of Totango with the intuitive design and forward-thinking vision of Catalyst, this unified solution will redefine customer success and drive measurable growth from their customer base.

"In today's environment, every business must master a GTM motion that drives efficient, sustainable revenue through its existing customer base. Combining the best of Catalyst and Totango into a unified product for enterprises and fast-growing companies will ensure businesses not only survive, but rapidly uncover growth and revenue opportunities that are often overlooked."
Read more from Edward Chiu, Co-Founder & CEO of Catalyst on LinkedIn

We are honored to have been part of the Catalyst journey with co-founders Edward Chiu and Kevin Chiu since 2018, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the Catalyst team in this next chapter of scaling a market-defining company.