Leveling Up Discovery and Demo Calls

Feb 6, 2023
Leveling Up Discovery and Demo Calls
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In today’s environment, it's critical to nail discovery and demo calls with prospective customers. This is often the make-it or break-it touchpoint that sets up the success of the rest of the sale process.

To learn how to do this, we tapped our Work-Bench sales advisor Kiran Narsu to give a Sales Masterclass on Up Leveling Discovery and Demo Calls.

He outlined a formula to up-level discovery and demo calls in order to make them more efficient, productive, and overall successful in getting to the next stage of closing a prospect. He dissected the most common blockers on sales calls and shared the best tactics to immediately unlock urgency, improve opportunity to book the next meeting, and convert calls into sales.

Check out his Playbook pages here and the full recording here

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