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​​The State of Enterprise Tech in NYC: 2022 Funding Report

Feb 8, 2023
​​The State of Enterprise Tech in NYC: 2022 Funding Report
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We’ve been investing in enterprise tech startups for nearly a decade now and for the past several years, we’ve been tracking the local NYC enterprise ecosystem’s growth through a series of Enterprise Tech in NYC Funding Reports.

In 2021, we saw enterprise tech funding in NYC set colossal new records. Then in 1H 2022, we saw signs funding was slowing down, but continued to fare well relative to other industries and geographies. Now looking at the full picture, 2022 was a major reset from 2021's frenetic funding environment.

See our State of Enterprise Tech in NYC: 2022 Funding Report here.

NYC enterprise software startups raised $6.2B in 2022. While this is less than 2021's $16.7B peak, we're still seeing strong upward momentum as 2022 funding was 6% higher than 2020 and 90% higher than 2019.

Read our entire report for data and insights on: 

  • Biggest funding rounds 
  • Unicorns and the top sector(s) leading the herd
  • Funding trends deep dive, including total amount raised, total deal count, breakdown by stage, and median amount raised per stage

Lastly, check out our updated NYC Enterprise Tech Index for a ranking of the largest NYC-based public and private, venture backed enterprise companies, ranked by market cap and total funding amount, respectively. Shoutout to Celonis for dethroning Articulate as the #1 spot on the Top Privately-Held Companies list thanks to a $1B raise in 2022.

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