Work-Bench Security Perspectives 2021 Report

Jun 23, 2021
Work-Bench Security Perspectives 2021 Report
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In 2020, the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives and rise of distributed workforces created wide open gaps in enterprises’ security defenses. With cybercrime reaching new heights and nation-state cyber activity intensifying, security is more important than ever.

Our Work-Bench Security Perspectives 2021 Report addresses rising security concerns in the enterprise as well as the top trends, tools, and technologies poised for growth in the coming year.

See the full Work-Bench Security Perspectives 2021 Report 👉 here👈

In this report, you’ll find the next generation of tools and tech best poised to tackle the next phase of security, including insights into:

  • What does security in the enterprise look like? What’s real vs. what’s hype?
  • How has digital transformation & cloud adoption impacted security postures?
  • Where are Fortune 500 & fast-growth companies spending security budgets?
  • What are the biggest barriers to cloud security?
  • What are the most promising startups transforming the security space?

As the security landscape continues to evolve, we expect to see more and more companies emerge to address the growing challenges across the enterprise. If you’re a security leader or startup building in this space, please reach out, I’d love to chat!