An Ode To Operators: Introducing Work-Bench's Next NYC Network

Sep 12, 2023
An Ode To Operators: Introducing Work-Bench's Next NYC Network
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As an enterprise software VC firm, our mission has always been to find, fund, and support game-changing enterprise software founders, at the earliest stage. 

That said, we have not done this alone in our decade-long journey. Beyond our Work-Bench team, we have an incredible group of partners who have helped scale our portfolio companies and greater ecosystem: our Work-Bench Next NYC Network.

We wanted to launch this public, dedicated network in order to better connect the best NYC operators, learn new tactics, identify the next generation of great talent and expand our community, and set out to better fight the good enterprise fight.

Who They Are 

Our Work-Bench Next NYC Network is a curated group comprised of functional leaders across Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Success, Engineering, and more, from the world’s fastest growing and most iconic enterprise companies based in NYC.

They’ve been through it all - from finding product-market fit and testing go-to-market motions, to building teams and closing multi-million dollar contacts. These operators have joined our bench to help our  community scale enterprise growth from $0 to $100M ARR to IPO.

Meet Our Inaugural Network

How You Can Get Involved

If you’re a functional operator at an enterprise software company, and want to join our Work-Bench Next NYC Network to gain access to proven tactics and strategies, high-quality connections, and invites to exclusive events – apply on our website.

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