How to Build a Scalable Customer Acquisition System

Feb 27, 2023
How to Build a Scalable Customer Acquisition System
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Marketing is often seen as a black box. With endless channels to tackle (content, events, outbound emails, and ads, to name a few), where should early-stage enterprise startups even begin? And how do you convert marketing dollars into revenue? 

To learn how to do this, we tapped our Work-Bench marketing advisor and Head of Marketing at Mutiny, Ryan Narod to give a Marketing Masterclass on How to Build a Scalable Customer Acquisition System.

In this Marketing Masterclass, Ryan outlines how to think about customer acquisition holistically, including: 

  • How to build a customer acquisition “system,” starting with defining your buyer personas and ICPs
  • How to scale this “system” over time by setting tangible goals across different Marketing channels
  • How to measure success that aligns Marketing to weekly revenue metrics and other top of mind business outcomes

​​Ryan is a Marketing leader with deep expertise in B2B growth, acquisition, and product marketing. He has been a part of Mutiny’s journey from Seed to Series B ($70+M in funding from investors like Sequoia, Insight Partners, Tiger Global Management). Prior to Mutiny, Ryan led Marketing and Account Development Teams at Radar, helping the company 3x revenue. 

Check out his Playbook pages here and the full recording here.

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