#Infrasummer: Highlights From Our Best Summer Yet

Aug 16, 2023
#Infrasummer: Highlights From Our Best Summer Yet
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Inspired by the Developer Tooling and Infrastructure boom in NYC this past decade and our continued search for the next generation of startups in the space, we hosted what we called “Infrasummer,” a summer blitz of themed events and content.

As we wind down the Summer and head into the Fall hustle, we’re excited to report that Infrasummer was a hit! See our highlights below:

Developer Happy Hours

Between our Annual Developer Happy Hour which kicked off Infrasummer in May and our Lights On DevOps Happy Hour in August, we gathered 200+ enterprise founders, developers, devops, engineers, and other technical leaders to hang out over drinks.

Infrastructure Leaders Dinners

We partnered with Menlo Ventures and Tiger Global to bring together the best minds in the industry to chat through topics such as the future of generative AI, observability, data security, and more. We brought together corporates (such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, The Hartford Group, MLB, Warner Bros. Discovery, FactSet, Ally Financial, Warner Music Group, and more) and startups (such as Cockroach Labs, FireHydrant, Common Fate, Pinecone, Airplane, and more) to hear both the builder and buyer POV in the market.

Meetups with Okta, Speakeasy & Merge 

We partnered with Okta on a meetup in their new NYC briefing center where Priyanka Somrah gave a fireside chat with Okta President of Customer Identity Cloud, Shiven Ramji on the NYC enterprise tech ecosystem. One of her main takeaways: “Infrastructure startups in NYC are thriving more than ever and across all enterprise categories in NYC, we've seen funding increase significantly from ~$600M in 2014 to $5B in 2022.”

Daniel Chesley hosted a panel with Gil Feig (Co-Founder of Merge) and Sagar Batchu (Co-Founder/CEO of Speakeasy), on the “Next-Gen API Experience,” which dove into the art of building API-first companies that foster developer love, and how to choose the right GTM motion when targeting developers.

Product and Engineering Dinner

Our Product and Engineering dinner brought together founding engineers from MotherDuck, FireHydrant, Yelp, Spotify, Warp, RunwayML, and more for a tactical conversation and feedback on what the role entails. 

Bringing Together “Suits and Hoodies” for Customer Insights, Sales Opportunities, and More

Key to our Work-Bench model is bringing together startups with prospective customers at Fortune 500s, for customer insights and potential commercial opportunities. With a recent Data Leaders Happy Hour and an Executive Briefing we held with a large financial services institution, startups got direct exposure and feedback to relevant use case opportunities, while corporate executives got a firsthand look at some of the latest technology emerging on the market. One executive shared that this kind of networking helps them get out of their "we can build it ourselves" mindset and opens them up to more buy conversations with startups as vendors - a win for all!


If you’re a founder or operator building in the Developer Tooling, Infrastructure or broader enterprise space, and are interested in joining our enterprise community and upcoming events, please drop your name and info here to stay in the loop. And as always, if you are or know any enterprise founders looking for potential funding, please reach out to us directly.

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