#LFGNYC2022! 125 NYC Enterprise Operators, 10 Tactical Talks, 1 Epic Day

Jul 12, 2022
#LFGNYC2022! 125 NYC Enterprise Operators, 10 Tactical Talks, 1 Epic Day
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As enterprise software investors at Work-Bench, community is deep in our DNA. For the past 9+ years, we have been building a center of gravity for all things enterprise in New York City.

Emerging out of the unavoidable Zoom era during the pandemic, we wanted 2022 to be a year for our NYC enterprise community. And so far, we’re living up to the hype. In addition to celebrating the 10 year anniversary of our NY Enterprise Tech Meetup in January, we launched our first ever LFG: NYC Enterprise Operators Retreat this Summer 🐻⛰️

We gathered 125+ enterprise operators across Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Success, Engineering and other functional areas from the fastest growing NYC enterprise companies at Bear Mountain State Park for a full day of connections, tactics, and fun.

Our attendees got a knowledge share of how to tackle challenges to scale from speakers who have been through it all. Topics included:

  • Getting to Escape Velocity: Lessons from Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, and Space with Lane Bess (Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler)
  • How to Supercharge Your GTM Engine from From $1M to $100M with Bob Tinker (MobileIron)
    *Keynote coming to out blog soon
  • Deciphering GTM for Infrastructure Companies with Kris Beevers (NS1) & Zachary Smith (Packet, Equinix)
  • Enterprise Marketing 202 with Amy Holtzman (Spring Health) and Brooke Burdge (Attentive)
  • Secrets to High Touch Customer Success and Implementation with George Chedzhemov (BigID) and Nondas Virvidakis (ActionIQ)
  • Scaling Your Engineering Team from 10 to 100 with Jordan Lewis (Cockroach Labs) and Suchit Agarwal (Okta)
  • Behind the Scenes of Fast Growth, High-Speed Engineerring Product Developement Teams with Ashley Miller (Datadog) and Stephen Lynch (AlphaSense)
  • Scaling Enterprise Sales for 3x Hypergrowth with Marc Jacobs (Spring Health) & Scott Mullin (FireHydrant)
  • Hiring, Leadership & Organization Design with Andrew Myers (RippleMatch)

Additionally, we had a lot of authentic time to bond and get inspired with some fun activities, including archery, corn hole, a candy and ice cream bar, and lastly, dinner and drinks at a brewery with an incredible view.

Check out more love, pictures, and speaker recaps from attendees at #LFGNYC2022.

We’re planning a bunch of events for the remainder of the year and will be back next Summer 2023 with our second LFG NYC Enterprise Operators Retreat! If you’re an enterprise founder or operator building in NYC and would like to plug into our community - check out our events page and sign up for our Enterprise Weekly Newsletter to stay in the loop.

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